My name is Aiden Clinton, and I am an Internet professional who earns all of my income online. After launching and expanding a portfolio of websites, I began to write down the things that I had learned. Before long, my outline was several pages long. Enough to fill an entire website, in fact, so that’s what I did.

Of course, The Affluent Blogger is hardly the first website about affiliate marketing and making money online, so why bother creating yet another? When I first started to make money online, I did a lot of reading. I found that many of the websites about Internet marketing have the same problem: they share just enough information to bring traffic in from the search engine results pages, but they only exist to funnel traffic through their own affiliate links and advertisements. You don’t actually leave the site feeling like you’ve learned anything.

The second problem is that people who are new to Internet marketing start websites about Internet marketing before they have actually done it, because they think it is a good money-making topic. Have you ever happened across a blog about Internet marketing with a few interesting posts, only to find that it hasn’t been updated in two years? That person gave up, because they realized that Internet marketing is hard work. Anyone who tells you they have an easy path to fast autopilot income on the Internet is either lying, or exploiting search engine optimization tactics in a way that could cause their income to be taken away any day.

So, here is what The Affluent Blogger brings to the table: unlike most Internet marketing bloggers, I do not want your email address, and I do not want you to buy an expensive eBook or sign up for my “program.” Additionally, unlike most Internet marketing bloggers, I have actually done what I write about. I do hope that The Affluent Blogger will monetize itself, and you will find that I have posted a few “recommended product” links. These are for products that I actually use. I will also occasionally place affiliate links in articles, clearly marked by the word “jump” in the URL. If you decide to purchase those products and do so through the affiliate links, I will receive a small commission from the sale, helping to fund the further development of this site. You are by no means obligated to do so, however.

Earning a living online is not easy, and it took me years to achieve a full time income from home, because I didn’t have a good mentor, and made a lot of mistakes along the way. With this website, I intend to provide the information to help you learn from my successes and mistakes, and help you begin earning an income online. If you are ambitious and dedicated, this is the website for you. I hope that you will find The Affluent Blogger to be a valuable website, and that you will return again in the future.

— Aiden Clinton, admin (at) theaffluentblogger.com

Disclaimer: The statements made on The Affluent Blogger represent my opinions and do not represent the opinions of any other company or organization. Anything that I state as fact, such as a given company’s terms and conditions, are correct to the best of my understanding as of the time of writing. Always refer to the original source for confirmation.