How to Set Up AdSense Channel Advertiser Targeting

How to Set Up AdSense Channel Advertiser Targeting

I love AdSense custom channels. I create a new channel every time I generate an AdSense unit. On websites with multiple AdSense units, custom channels make it easy to see details about every ad placement including how many times people have viewed it, how many clicks it has received and the average earnings per click. However, if you aren’t opening your AdSense channels up for targeting by advertisers, you could be leaving extra money on the table.

How AdSense Channel Targeting Works

Suppose you are an advertiser creating an AdWords campaign for a software program that runs only on Mac computers. You could create a campaign that targets many Mac-related keywords, but this might cause your advertisement to appear on many websites that occasionally post Mac-related news but are more frequently visited by owners of Windows-based PCs. Although you might get some ad clicks from these websites, your chance to successfully convert might improve if you focus your campaign on Mac-related websites. That’s what channel targeting is for.

With AdSense channel targeting, an advertiser can search for a specific website — or websites that are highly relevant for a specific set of keywords — and place a bid to have his advertisement displayed there instead of among the general pool of websites that may occasionally post keyword-relevant articles. For you, the publisher, this is a win-win situation; an advertiser believes that your website’s audience will be interested in his message, which may increase the number of clicks your AdSense units receive. If the advertiser’s bid is higher than the bids for the advertisements that AdSense would have selected for a unit, a visitor sees the targeted ad. If the advertiser’s bid is lower, a visitor sees the advertisement that AdSense selects from the general pool. Channel targeting can only improve the performance of your AdSense units; it can’t reduce performance.

Set Up AdSense Channel Targeting

  1. Click “My Ads” at the top of the page after logging in to AdSense.
  2. Click “Custom Channels” on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the name of the custom channel that you want to open up for targeting.
  4. Click “Show this custom channel to advertisers as a targetable ad placement.” This expands the bottom half of the window.
  5. Type the location where the AdSense unit appears in the “Ads appear on” field, such as “Under post titles” or “Electronics review section.”
  6. Click the “Ad location” drop-down menu and select the physical location where the unit appears, such as “Middle Center” or “Top Center.”
  7. Type a description of your website in the “Description” field. The description should include the two or three most relevant keywords that an advertiser might use when looking for a website like yours.
  8. Click the “Save” button.
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