Concentrate Affiliate Marketing Efforts for Best Results

Concentrate Affiliate Marketing Efforts for Best Results

As a new affiliate marketer, you might be tempted to sign up for every affiliate program under the sun and try them all. I know that I did. I signed up for every affiliate system I could find, and particularly tried to partner up with every merchant that offered a lucrative affiliate program and had even a remote connection with the topic of one of my websites. However, I quickly learned that this was not the best way to maximize my earnings. Not only was I taking forever to get over the payment threshold for each of the different affiliate networks that I was a member of, but I was not earning as much as I could for sales from any of the merchants that I had partnered with. I was leaving money on the table because I was not concentrating my affiliate marketing efforts.

Did you know that many merchants run regular promotions for affiliate partners in which affiliates can earn substantial bonuses for referring a certain number of sales, or selling a certain dollar amount?

For example, Legacy Learning Systems (click for affiliate sign-up page) is a merchant with an affiliate program that has an extensive bonus structure for high-converting affiliates. Legacy Learning Systems primarily sells instructional products for musical instruments and distributes them electronically for computers and portable devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Legacy offers 20% to affiliates as a commission for each sale, with an average commission of around $40. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? It gets even better if you make more sales, though, with $200, $325 and $500 bonuses when you refer 50, 100 and 200 sales respectively in any given month. These bonuses stack, you can earn them every month, and Legacy even offers additional one-time bonuses when you reach certain sales plateaus for the first time.

Let’s take a look at what multiple sales through Legacy Learning Systems can do for your income at increasing conversion numbers:

Legacy Learning Systems: Number of Sales vs. Total Earnings ($40 Average Base Commission)

Bonuses stack each time you reach a sales level. Each level includes all previous bonuses. One-time bonuses are noted.

1 Sale: $40

2 Sales: $80 + $50 bonus = $130 ($50 one-time bonus for 2 total sales)

10 Sales: $400 + $150 bonus = $550 ($100 one-time bonus for 10 total sales)

50 Sales: $2,000 + $350 bonus = $2,350 ($200 bonus for 50 monthly sales)

100 Sales: $4,000 + $875 bonus = $4,875 ($200 one-time bonus for 100 total, $325 bonus for 100 monthly sales)

200 Sales: $8,000 + $1,375 bonus = $9,375 ($500 bonus for 200 monthly sales)

Excluding $350 in one-time bonuses for reaching certain sales levels for the first time, this chart shows that you could be earning as much as $1,025 in free money each month by concentrating your marketing efforts on this one merchant.

Of course, Legacy Learning Systems is far from the only merchant that offers bonus payouts to dedicated affiliates — it’s simply one of the most lucrative that I know of currently. You should always consider all available information when deciding whether you should advertise a particularly lucrative affiliate program across several websites or laser-target a particular website with an affiliate program that provides targeted traffic. Make sure that the bonus payouts more than make up for any additional conversions that your website might have made by partnering with a more targeted affiliate program. If you have many smaller websites that each receive a small amount of traffic, you can often maximize your earnings by using the strategy I have described here.

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