The 101 Best Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

The 101 Best Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

Two-tier affiliate programs can be an excellent way of increasing the amount of passive income earned through your websites. When someone joins a two-tier affiliate program through you and makes a sale, you earn a small commission without reducing the amount of money your second-tier affiliate receives. In addition, if you have had success as an affiliate marketer, you can put your experience to good use by helping your second-tier affiliates toward success — something I’ve tried to do with this website.

However, two-tier affiliate programs have a problem: they can sometimes be difficult to find. You can often find an affiliate program that claims to have a second tier of earnings, but when you examine its description, information on the second-tier commission is nowhere to be found. So, I’ve devoted days of research to finding the 101+ best two-tier affiliate programs and organizing the most important metrics into the chart that you see below. If you find this chart useful, please consider clicking one of the buttons on the left side of the page to recommend it to your friends.

I’ve sorted the table below in descending order by each merchant’s average affiliate earnings per 100 clicks. However, you can sort the table by any metric by clicking its name on the header row. In the table, you’ll find each company’s first-tier and second-tier affiliate commissions along with whether the company offers performance bonuses.

It’s important not to use any one metric — particularly EPC — as the sole deciding factor when deciding which merchant to partner with, because EPC is not an indicator of how your website will perform with a merchant. Some merchants are new and have few affiliates, so the sample size is too small to be meaningful. In addition, if you pick a merchant whose products fit perfectly with your website’s theme and content, you may outperform other affiliates. The most important things to consider when selecting a two-tier affiliate program to join are whether your website is a good fit for the company’s products, whether the company’s website looks like it will convert visitors into customers. More importantly, if you intend to take an active roll in helping your second-tier affiliates be successful, the company should be one for which you can think of a good number of promotional ideas. In addition, be sure to remind your second-tier affiliates that any commissions resulting from their sales do not decrease their commissions. Your commission comes out of the merchant’s cut, not the affiliate’s.

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MerchantCategoryEPC (100)Tier 1Tier 2Bonuses?
Label Your StuffMisc$94.4320%10%No
HMS CrownHealth$92.6240%15%No
Magnetic OneComputers$88.4030%10%No
Traverse Bay FarmsHealth$85.9710%1%No
Rush IndustriesClothing$51.9522%10%No
Hartford YorkClothing$51.6710%10%No
BnB TobaccoTobacco$47.508%2%No
Kids WellnessHealth$31.8825%5%No
Undercover CondomsHealth$30.5815%10%No
Die Cast Models WholesaleToys$29.8810%2%No
Bid My CleaningBusiness$25.00$5.00$5.00No
The Wedding LensPhoto Sharing$23.0825%5%No
Home of DecorHome$22.6410%5%No
Combat OpticalFirearms$20.1710%10%No
Memory CrossReligious$18.8115%10%No
Resumes PlanetBusiness$18.6130%10%No
Innovative Medical EquipmentHealth$17.005%10%No
Lingerie MartClothing$16.947%3%No
Natural WonderPets$14.8815%20%No
Cool LCDCameras$14.765%10%No
Cash UnclaimedFinancial$12.97$8.0010%No
Dog's HealthPets$11.9915%5%No
123 ChristianBusiness$11.1120%5%No
Maggies DirectHome$8.5010%10%No
In the Mood IntimatesClothing$8.0912%3%No
Gearhead Parts StoreAuto$7.638%2%No
My App BuilderMobile$7.1850%10%No
Duty Free DepotShopping$5.9110%2%No
Home Wet BarHome$5.306%6%Yes
Virtual Sheet MusicBooks$2.0625%25%No
Cool Gift SelectGifts$1.596%10%No
KK DiscountShopping$0.975%10%No
Group PriceBusiness$0.6310%2%No
Panel PlaceFreebies$0.23$0.205%No
Mega CalendarsGifts$0.2015%5%No
Fun Rooms for KidsToys$0.0010%10%No
PC MightyMaxComputers$0.0035%20%No
Diet BubbleHealth$0.0025%10%No
Medieval Wall TapestriesArt$0.0010%10%No
Young LoversClothing$0.00$6.0012%No
Crack Smoking ShirtsClothing$0.0020%5%No
Snappy Photo GiftsGifts$0.0012%5%No
Golly GearPets$0.0010%10%No
Doko MediaReligious$0.0015%$10.00No
Allegro MultimediaEducational$0.0015%5%Yes
Green Life BuysHome$0.0015%5%No
Dropship DesignBusiness$0.0040%5%No
Natural MethodsHealth$0.005%10%No
Indian BlendFood$0.005%2%No
Lace Wig DesignFashion$0.003%3%No
Lake Erie Artists GalleryArt$0.008%10%No
Seduce AnyoneBooks$0.0030%5%No
My eSigBusiness$0.0015%10%No
Natura Health PortalHealth$0.0025%5%No
Shop the AdirondacksFood$0.007%2%No
DVD BundlesMedia$0.0010%5%No
The Tote BuddyFashion$0.0015%15%No

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