Types of Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

Types of Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

When you look for affiliate programs to join and promote on your website, it can be extremely valuable to find programs that offer bonuses for exceptional performance. A bonus can provide great incentive for you to devote as much energy as possible to promoting a product, and some companies offer extremely generous bonuses that can really enhance your financial situation.

Tiered Affiliate Programs

Two-tier affiliate programs allow you to recruit other publishers to sign up for a program through you and promote a product on their own. With this system, you have a chance to earn money even if you are not actively promoting a product yourself. When your second-tier affiliate receives a commission from a sale, you receive a smaller percentage. Although the amount of money earned from individual sales may be small, the effort required to earn money from a two-tier affiliate program is very small.

One-Time Bonus

A one-time bonus with an affiliate program usually kicks in when your lifetime sales total has reached a certain minimum amount. For example, a company might five you a one-time $500 bonus when you have sold $5,000 worth of products in your lifetime as an affiliate. These programs are excellent when you believe that your efforts will produce a small trickle of sales rather than a steady volume each month.

Commission Increase

If you plan to produce a steady volume of sales each month, an affiliate program that offers a commission increase may be the way to go. For example, an affiliate program might have a default commission rate of 10%, but the commission rate might increase to 15% if you sell more than $1,000 worth of products in a given month. Commission increases may work on your sales totals for the current month and increase your commission retroactively for all sales made during that month. Other merchants offer permanent commission increases based on your lifetime sales total. The V2 Cigs affiliate program is an example of this; affiliates start out with a 15% commission and can work up to a 25% commission as sales increase.

Personalized Commission

If you know that a company enjoys a healthy profit margin and believe you’re one of its best affiliates, don’t be afraid to ask for a personalized commission that’s higher than the company’s normal commission structure — especially if you’re planning a new promotional effort such as an e-book or new website. Tell the company what you’re planning and let them know that you’d like your affiliate relationship with them to be at the center of that project. The worst they can say is no, but if they have the profit margin to spare, they’ll often agree.

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