How Not to Treat Your Affiliates, Part II

An affiliate manager lowers my commission rate without warning me beforehand, then lies about the reason for doing so.

Affiliate Managers: How Not to Treat Your Affiliates

The Wild Divine affiliate program is an excellent example of now not to treat your affiliates.

How to Change Your Primary Domain on ShareaSale

Change your primary website domain on ShareaSale with these simple steps.

How to Link Directly to a Product on ShareaSale

Create a deep link to a product to advertise a ShareaSale merchant more effectively.

Alternatives to Amazon for Affiliate Marketing

The California Affiliate Nexus law doesn't have to be the end of the world. Read about the best alternatives for Amazon's affiliate program.

Evaluating an AdWords Campaign for Affiliate Marketing

Is AdWords a good way to advertise an affiliate website? Use this system to determine whether AdWords is feasible for your marketing efforts.
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