Bing Integrates with Facebook for Social Search

Bing Integrates with Facebook for Social Search

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Google’s +1 button comes a new addition to Bing that elevates search results based on whether any of the searcher’s friends have “Liked” them on Facebook. While the +1 button is still in its early beta stages, the new addition to Bing is already active and can be seen if you search while logged in to both Bing and Facebook.

Google is a juggernaut in the Web search industry. receiving something like two-thirds of search engine traffic (or far more, depending on the survey that you check). However, Bing is gaining on them, thanks in part to heavy advertising and the catchy “decision engine” trademark. Bing is working hard to find new ways of delivering relevant search results and has gone on record by saying that PageRank is a “dying” method of measuring websites’ authority. Bing wants to bring “emotion” into search results, reasoning that a Web searcher is more likely to be interested in a result that their friends have read and liked.

It will be interesting to see how Google’s +1 button works when the production version finally rolls out. Google may be the world’s most popular website, but Facebook is not far behind and already has a library of untold billions of “Like” votes already contributing to results page rankings on Bing.

You do have a prominent “Like” button at the bottom of each blog post, right?

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