Google +1 Brings Social Bookmarking to Search Engine

Google +1 Brings Social Bookmarking to Search Engine

Google has introduced a new feature called +1 that lets people put their stamp of approval on search engine results if they search while logged in to their Google accounts. I have written frequently about how important I believe social bookmarking will become to search engine placement in the coming years, and this new feature integrates social bookmarking with search engine results like never before. Read the Google +1 Button FAQ.

Google has faced criticism in recent years for failing to keep up with content mills and unscrupulous affiliate marketers who, through clever SEO techniques, manage to get rather poor-quality content placed high in the search engine results. Web searchers who get poor-quality results for their searches go away unhappy. Some even consider using a different search engine. Sure, Google’s search engine market share is something like 85-percent, so one might think that they have nothing to worry about — but the Internet is ever-changing, and over-confidence can be a company’s undoing. Google is leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to help weed out the bad content and let good content naturally rise to the top of search engine results. Eventually, social bookmarking such as Google’s +1 will be a major factor in the search engine placement of your content.

So, as someone who has the goal of making money from your websites, what does all of this mean to you? You need to get a Google +1 button on your website, and soon. Right out of the gate, Google’s +1 feature is likely to be just as important for your website as Facebook or Twitter social bookmarking. Unfortunately, Google has not added this feature yet. Currently, the +1 button is only available on search engine results pages. Until then, you can sign up with Google to be notified when the button becomes available. I expect this to happen within the next few days.

In the meantime, you should do what I have always recommended — write the best content that you can for your website. If you already write good content, you should be happy about this change, because it only makes it more likely that potential readers will be able to find you.

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