How to Disable and Delete WordPress Post Revisions

How to Disable and Delete WordPress Post Revisions

Have you ever opened an old WordPress post and seen a message at the top of the screen explaining WordPress has saved a newer revision of the post than the one that is published? This is most likely because of the WordPress autosave feature, which automatically saves revisions of posts periodically as you create and edit posts. This is a great idea if you have a staff of several people with the ability to add and revise content on your website. If you are the only person working on the website, though, you may never look at the post revisions at all. Behind the scenes, though, the revision feature is ballooning the size of your Web server’s SQL database and potentially slowing your website down. If you don’t use WordPress post revisions, turn this feature off and delete the saved revisions to keep the size of your SQL database down.

Install and activate plugins by clicking “Add New” in the “Plugins” section of the WordPress dashboard. Search for a plugin using the name given in this article.

Learn more about reducing the size of your WordPress SQL database.

  1. Install the Revision Control WordPress plugin. After activating the plugin, a new item called “Revisions” appears in the Settings section of the dashboard. Click this.
  2. Set the revision status for Posts and Pages to “Do not store revisions,” and click “Save Changes.” This turns off the WordPress post revision system, but does not delete the saved revisions that are already stored in your server’s SQL database.
  3. Install the Delete Post Revisions plugin.You should now see an item called “Delete Revisions” in the Tools section of the dashboard. Click this.
  4. Click the “Delete Post Revisions” button. After a moment, the window displays a confirmation message showing the number of revisions deleted. This may be many times the number of published posts on your website.
  5. Uninstall the Delete Post Revisions plugin. Because you have disabled WordPress post revisions, you will not need to use the plugin again.

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