How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

One of the top goals of any webmaster is to provide the information that readers want, and you can find out what people want by learning what they search Google for. Google provides the Google AdWords Keyword Tool primarily to help advertisers plan their AdWords campaigns, but the tool is also an incredibly valuable one for publishers, because it tells you exactly how many people are searching for specific keyword phrases and helps you structure your articles in a way that will make them easy to find.

Let’s give it a try. Open a new browser tab or window and navigate to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

  1. Type each word or phrase that you want to research in the box under “Find Keywords” at the top of the screen. Press “Enter” between each word or phrase.
  2. Type the word shown at the bottom of the window and click “Search.”

Now, how can the Google AdWords Keyword Tool work for you in practice? Here’s an example. Let’s say that I wanted to write an article about how to get your website set up for Google Analytics, and I wanted to make sure that I selected an article title that would enable as many people as possible to find the article quickly on search engines. Should I call the article “How to Set Up Google Analytics,” or “How to Configure Google Analytics?” Let’s ask the Keyword Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Example

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool can help you select article titles (click for larger image).

Clearly, the results shown in the Keyword Tool indicate that if I want to make sure that the most people possible are able to find my article, “How to Set Up Google Analytics” is the better of the two titles.

Next, let’s look at how the Google AdWords Keyword Tool can help with research on a broader topic. Let’s imagine that you are building a website about laptop computers.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Example 2

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Laptop Computers (Click for larger image)

The keyword tool shows a lengthy list of keyword phrases relating to the one that you entered, showing you the information that you should add to a website about laptop computers if you want to provide the answers that people are searching Google for. See that “Download” button in the upper-left corner of the search results? Click this to download a spreadsheet with a list of 100 keyword ideas that you can use for your website. Create an account with Google AdWords, and you can see even more related keywords.

Keyword research is a crucial part of figuring out how you can add the most helpful content possible to your website, and I know of no better free resource than this one.

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