Installing an Elegant Themes WordPress Theme

Installing an Elegant Themes WordPress Theme

As you may already be aware from reading my previous posts, Elegant Themes for WordPress is the maker of all of the WordPress themes that I use. In this post, I will describe the process of downloading and installing an Elegant Themes WordPress theme for your website. Note that while this article refers specifically to Elegant Themes, much of this information applies to any WordPress theme.

1. Navigate to the Elegant Themes website. Click the “Members” link at the top of the page and enter your user name and password to log in.

2. Click the radio button next to the theme that you want to download, and then click the green “Download File” button. Save the Elegant Themes download to the desktop.

3. Extract the Elegant Themes download to any folder. You should now have two folders: “Photoshop Files” and “Theme.” You may also have a third folder, “Plugins.”

4. Connect to your Web hosting server with an FTP client. I use FileZilla, which is free. Browse to the “wp-content” folder, and then browse to the “themes” folder.

5. Open the “Theme” folder in the location where you extracted the Elegant Themes download. This folder contains another folder with the name of the theme, e.g. “Nova.”

6. In your FTP client, drag the named folder (e.g. “Nova”) to the “themes” folder on the Web server. Allow several minutes for the upload to complete, as a typical Elegant Themes WordPress theme contains hundreds of files.

7. Open the named folder (e.g. “Nova”) on the Web server through your FTP client. You should find a folder called “cache.” Right-click the “cache” folder and select “File Permissions.” (Note: This step and the following step are specific for FileZilla and may be different in another FTP client.)

8. Enter the number “777” in the “Numeric Value” box and click “OK.” This change is necessary for Elegant Themes image thumbnails to work properly.

9. Move up one folder level in your FTP client. You should now be in the “wp-content” folder. Open the “Plugins” folder on your local computer, and on the Web server. Drag all of the folders inside the “Plugins” folder to the same folder on the Web server. If your Elegant Themes WordPress theme does not include a “Plugins” folder, skip this step.

10. Close your FTP client, and browse to the WordPress login page for your website (usually Log in.

11. Click “Appearance” on the left side of the window, and then click “Themes” if it is not selected automatically. This page should now show a thumbnail of the Elegant Themes WordPress theme that you have just uploaded.

12. Click the “Activate” link under the thumbnail image to activate the Elegant Themes WordPress theme. You can now begin using the theme.

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