Recommended Software for Webmasters

Recommended Software for Webmasters

As a webmaster, there are a few essential tasks that you are going to need to do constantly, and it is important to have simple tools for these jobs that help you accomplish your tasks without a great deal of time and effort. This is the software that I use, and reference in my instructional articles.

Adobe Photoshop Elements ($70.59,

Even if you are not a photographer, you will find yourself needing to perform simple edits to image files frequently. For example, if you use Elegant Themes, as I do, each theme includes a logo file that you can edit. These logo files have the extension PSD, which is native to Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is simple enough for beginners, and allows you to complete all of the essential tasks in graphic editing.

FileZilla (Free)

As a webmaster, you will often need to access the files on your server directly through FTP. FileZilla is a free, no-fuss solution for this. One of the features that I particularly like is the fact that FileZilla automatically re-uploads files back to the server when it is appropriate. I frequently edit the PHP files included with my themes, and I have to edit the PHP jump script each time I add a new affiliate link to a site. When you save a file that you downloaded from the server, FileZilla asks if you would like to upload the new copy of the file back to the server. Just click “Yes” and you’re set.

Dark Room (Free, Windows)

WriteRoom ($24.99, Mac)

WriteRoom ($4.99, iPad and iPhone)

While there is nothing wrong with outsourcing some of your writing duties occasionally, your best content is always going to be the content that you write — and you will most likely be doing a lot of writing. If you want to be truly productive, you will need to temporarily disconnect yourself from the constant distractions of the Internet such as Web browsing, instant messages and incoming emails. Dark Room and WriteRoom accomplishes this by filling the entire screen with nothing but plain text, blanking everything else out. If you are easily distracted while writing for your blog, I highly recommend one of these tools.

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