Syndicate Your Website with a FeedBurner RSS Feed

Syndicate Your Website with a FeedBurner RSS Feed

How do I add my website to FeedBurner for RSS syndication?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a powerful way to notify your readers when you publish new content and increase the reach of your content by giving your readers another way to forward your content to others who might be interested in reading it.

I like to use FeedBurner to manage my RSS feeds for a few reasons:

1. FeedBurner is a Google product, which means that people have built-in trust for it and generally know how to use it without you needing to explain it to them.

2. FeedBurner is free.

3. FeedBurner gives you the ability to monetize your feed through AdSense.

4. FeedBurner keeps the links in your posts intact, which means that you do not lose opportunities for monetization, even if readers read the feed without visiting your website.

So, let’s get starting adding your website’s RSS feed to FeedBurner.

1. Proceed to the FeedBurner website and log in using your Google account information.

2. Type the address of your RSS feed in the box under “Burn a feed right this instant.” Usually, the address of the RSS feed is “”. Click “Next.”

3. Edit the FeedBurner feed title if you would like to use something other than the title of your website.

4. Edit the address of the FeedBurner feed. If possible, this should also be the same as the name of your website. Click “Next.” Your feed is now active.

5. Click “Next” again.

6. Select all of the statistics that you would like FeedBurner to track for your feeds. Since all statistic tracking is free, I suggest checking every box. Click “Next.” Your feed is now active and tracking all of the information possible.

You now have an active RSS feed on FeedBurner that your readers can subscribe to in order to receive notifications of new posts and read your content. However, your work is not done; to complete this task, add AdSense advertisements to your FeedBurner feed and place a FeedBurner “Subscribe” button on your website.

2 Responses to “Syndicate Your Website with a FeedBurner RSS Feed”

  1. Joe Griffin says:

    You did not answer the question as to how to create or add the RSS feed to your website so that the blog will appear on the website.

    • Aiden Clinton says:

      I recommend using WordPress, which generates several different feeds automatically as you create content. The address that I recommend, “,” is the one that I use for FeedBurner because it contains the full text of each post rather then excerpts. If you enter that address on the FeedBurner website and your website is using WordPress, the feed will be there. This article isn’t so much about how to create an RSS feed, but rather how to syndicate an existing one using FeedBurner.