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Remove “Just Another WordPress Site” from Your Website

Nothing screams "amateur" quite like a "Just another WordPress site" message. Remove it and add your own slogan.

Craft a Compelling WordPress “About” Page

Create a compelling WordPress "About" page to comply with AdSense and engage your readers.

How to Fix a “No Results Found” Error in WordPress

If the navigation menus on your WordPress site produce a "No Results Found" error when you know that posts are present, this is the solution.

Prevent Pages from Being Crawled with Robots.txt

Prevent search engine robots from following certain links on your website with a Robots.txt file.

Ten Simple Tips for Improving AdSense CTR

Are you unhappy with the CTR of your AdSense ads? These ten tips can help you improve your click-through rates.

Creating an AdSense-Compliant Privacy Policy for WordPress

Create an AdSense-compliant Privacy Policy quickly with a free WordPress plugin.

How to Change the WordPress Permalink Structure

SEO Tip: Change the WordPress permalink structure to make your website more search engine-friendly.

How to Use the Elegant Themes Contact Form Template

Elegant Themes page templates make WordPress Contact forms a breeze to create.

Add Your Logo to an Elegant Themes WordPress Theme

Each theme from Elegant Themes includes a logo that you can quickly customize for your website.
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