Do One Thing for Your Website Every Day

Do One Thing for Your Website Every Day

I subscribe to Geno Prussakov’s RSS feed, as I find that it contains some interesting tips from time to time. Recently, he posted an article about why affiliate marketers fail. The third reason on his list is that affiliate marketers fail because they lack persistence. If it were me, I might actually contend that a lack of persistence is the top reason why affiliate marketers fail.

One of the most common reasons why people get into affiliate marketing to begin with is that they have read one of the many outrageous claims online about how much money other people are making. How many times have you seen this banner ad currently making the rounds online: “(Insert city name here) mom makes $2,000 a day online! Read the shocking story here!”

Although it is a fact that some people make an incredible income online through affiliate marketing, these are people who have scaled their operations by enormous levels or have come up with a completely unique way to market products online. It can be extremely damaging and demoralizing for a new affiliate marketer to begin with expectations this high, as it can take a very long time even to earn an income equal to that of a decent full-time job.

Here is a more reasonable goal: do at least one thing for your website every day. Set a goal for yourself to have at least 365 pieces of unique and worthwhile content published by the end of your first year as an affiliate marketer. If you do that, I can virtually guarantee that your websites will be earning something substantial by the time your first year is finished.

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  1. Aiden, thank you for the reference, and glad my post led you to some additional thinking. BTW, I love the goal of creating “at least 365 pieces of unique and worthwhile content” by the end of the year. It has worked for me.