Has Google Indexed Your Site Yet?

Has Google Indexed Your Site Yet?

The first few days after launching a new website are a period of excitement and anticipation, particularly if that website is your first. You are likely going to want to know as soon as the content on your website becomes available to searchers on Google. So, how do you know when Google has begun to index your site?

site: mywebsite.com

So, if your website is theaffluentblogger.com, you would search “site:theaffluentblogger.com” on Google to see a list of every page that has been indexed. Be patient during the early days after launching your site, because it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to get each page indexed by Google, especially if you are adding a lot of content quickly. There are a few things that you can do to get your site indexed by Google more quickly, such as giving creating a sitemap and adding it to Google Webmaster Tools, but there is no way to guarantee that your site will be indexed within a specific timeframe, and you may have to be patient. The good news is that once Google catches up, new articles tend to get indexed very quickly.

You can also use the site: operator to find out whether your site has been indexed by Bing. Remember that the search results on Yahoo are provided by Bing, so if your site is indexed by Bing, it will also be listed on Yahoo.

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2 Responses to “Has Google Indexed Your Site Yet?”

  1. Tanmay Chakrabarty says:

    Thanks a lot. Its good to see my pages has been indexed and new pages are getting indexed fast enough.

    However, how can see that if my page has got a page rank or not?

    • Aiden Clinton says:


      The tool that I use to check PageRank is called Blue Backlinks. You can find the tool by searching Google or using the search form on the sidebar of this website.