Indecision Leads to Inaction

Indecision Leads to Inaction

Have you ever seen one of those websites that’s loaded with all kinds of ads, to the point of being almost comical? AdSense ads on one side, banner ads on the other, pop-up ads, in-text ads — you might start to wonder if the site has any actual content at all. What is the first thing that you do when you see a site that looks like this? If you’re like me, you probably click the “Back” button.

Are you the same? If your site is so loaded with ads that it’s impossible to find the content, what do you think that your readers are doing? Does your site’s bounce rate in Google Analytics hover around 90% or above? Not only is this not a good way to build a good user base, but it is probably hurting your site’s revenue, as well.

Take a look at Gizmodo. Here is a site receives millions of page views each day, and along with its partner sites in the Gawker network, receives millions of dollars in advertising revenue each year. How many advertisements do you see on the enormous front page?

Only a few.

So, why would you think of each empty space on your site as an opportunity to place another advertisement? Instead, try thinking of each empty space as an opportunity to place more content or help readers find what they are looking for.

My opinion is that having less advertisements on a page makes users more likely to be willing to look at the advertisements that you do have. Indecision leads to inaction. If you have so many items on your site that your readers can’t figure out what they want to click, they’ll end up clicking nothing at all.

Also, in the case of AdSense, don’t forget that the ads that get displayed in your ad blocks are generally going to be the ones for which advertisers have bid the most money for through the AdWords system. Therefore, each click that you do receive will be worth more.

Companies spend a great deal of money to hire marketing professionals with the ability to craft advertisements that make people want to click and learn more. So, don’t try to “trick” your readers by placing so many ads on your site that there isn’t anything for them to click but ads. Put a few ads out there and concentrate on adding great content to your site. Great content brings repeat visitors, tasteful advertising invites looks, and if the ads on your site get enough looks, clicks will follow.

It really is that simple.

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