Maximize Your Email Newsletter Click-Throughs

Maximize Your Email Newsletter Click-Throughs

Email allows you to market products and services directly to people who sign up for your newsletter or have purchased from you previously. Because signing up for your email list indicates an interest in what you are offering, you may experience better click-through rates and sales conversions from direct emails than by marketing to the general public through your website. However, you may find that you need to alter your strategy to achieve the best possible CTR from emails.

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Mailing Frequency

Avoid sending direct email so frequently that the recipients begin to treat your messages as spam. If your subscribers receive messages too frequently, they may unsubscribe from the list or begin ignoring your messages. If your subscribers reach this point, you will find it difficult to capture their attention again.

Valuable Content

Write valuable content. Every message that you send to your subscribers should not be an offer that you stand to gain financially from unless the mailing list is for a business. If you operate an informational website that earns money through affiliate marketing, your emails should contain the same type of content that encouraged members to sign up, with occasional affiliate offers to generate income.

Formatting Options

Offer plain text and HTML options for messages. Some people prefer to receive plain text messages because HTML email commonly contains embedded tracking data. A plain text option also makes your messages compatible with email clients that do not support HTML formatting.

Write for Scanning

Structure the text in your messages for quick scanning. In plain text emails, use short paragraphs rather than large text blocks. In HTML emails, use subheadings that clearly label each section. People will generally scan your messages for interesting content before deciding whether they want to read more thoroughly. The better your messages catch the attention of scanners, the more click-throughs you will receive.

Article Teasers

Avoid including the full text of website articles in your messages. If your mailing list functions as a digest for your website posts, then you want to encourage readers to click through to your website and read the full articles. Include just enough content to get people interested.

Sense of Urgency

Use limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency about your messages. If readers know that they have only 48 hours to click a link and obtain a product discount, they will be more likely to click through if the product interests them.


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