Article Marketing with eZine Articles

Article Marketing with eZine Articles

eZine Articles is consistently listed among the best article submission websites, with a PageRank of 6 as of January 2011. Along with the fact that an article posted on eZine Articles can give your site a high-quality backlink, the website receives among the most visitors of any site on the Internet — it is the 101st most popular website, according to Alexa. Therefore, a quality article posted on eZine Articles stands a good chance of helping your website gain visitors and PageRank.

The publishing interface of eZine Articles is streamlined and simple to use, and one particularly beneficial feature is the fact that, if you write under multiple pen names, you can add all of them to one account. From that point, you simply select the author name that you would like to use each time you publish an article. The downside is that communication between editors and writers still needs a bit of streamlining. If there is a problem with your article, you receive an email that tells you so, but does not tell you what the problem is. You must email the editors to ask what the problem is, and wait a few days to receive a response. Therefore, to avoid long delays, make sure before submitting an article to eZine Articles that it meets all editorial guidelines and that it is free of errors.

So, let’s write an article for eZine Articles.

  1. Proceed to the eZine Articles website. Enter all required information to create your account. Remember, eZine  Articles does allow writers to use pen names, so your main account name should be your real one. Log in after confirming your account.
  2. Go to the “Profile Manager” section at the top of the screen and click “Edit Author Names.”
  3. Click “Add an alternate author name.” Enter your pen name and click “Add Alternate Author.” Note that if any other author for eZine Articles uses the same pen name, you will have to send an email to eZine Articles explaining why you want to use the name. If the pen name is not taken, you will be brought to the author bio screen for that pen name.
  4. Add your author bio, making sure to include the URL of your website and a few keyword phrases that describe the type of content you will be adding to eZine Articles. Click “Save Changes.”
  5. Return to the “Profile Manager” section and click “Edit Author Resource Boxes.”
  6. Click the “Author” drop-down and select the author name that you would like to add a resource box for.
  7. Construct a resource box that you would like eZine Articles to append to the bottom of your submissions. Note that the resource box is the only place that eZine Articles allows you to add self-serving links, and you may only add a maximum of two links. Click “Add New Resource Box” to save it.
  8. Go to the “Article Manager” section  at the top of the page and click “Submit a New Article.”
  9. Click the “Author” drop-down menu and select the pen name that you would like to write under.
  10. Select the category and sub-category that most closely relate to the theme of the article.
  11. Enter the title for your article in the “Article Title” box, making sure that it is properly capitalized.
  12. Type a summary for your article using about 2-5 sentences, and no more than 200 words. This summary should explain what your article is about, and give the reader a reason to want to continue.
  13. Type your article text in the “Article Body” section, making sure that it conforms to the eZine Articles editorial guidelines. The article body may contain up to two links, but they cannot be self-serving.
  14. Type the keyword phrases that someone might use to search your article, using up to 100 characters. Separate each keyword phrase with a comma.
  15. Click the “Resource Box” drop-down menu and select the resource box you have created for yourself. You may also select “Custom” to manually create a resource box and use it for the current article only.
  16. Click the “Preview Article” button to see what your finished article will look like when it is published. If you find any errors, click the “Close Preview” button and correct them.  Remember, the editors at eZine Articles will not correct your mistakes for you.
  17. Click “Submit This Article” to send your article to the eZine Articles editors for review. If your article has no problems, you can expect it to go live within approximately one week.

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