How to Write a Resource Box for Article Marketing

How to Write a Resource Box for Article Marketing

Other than the content, the resource box is one of the most important aspects of articles that you submit to article directories. Although a backlink to your website from a site with a high PageRank is valuable on its own, you can exponentially increase the benefit that you receive from article marketing by crafting interesting and compelling content that makes readers want to visit your website and learn more. Although a well-placed link or two within the article body can pay dividends, the resource box is your main chance to sell yourself and your website. Therefore, it should contain strong language that gives the reader a clear idea of what your website brings to the table in about three sentences or less, along with a clear call to action. The resource box must also contain your name. Remember, your name is your brand.

We’ll use this website as an example. Suppose I were writing a resource box for The Affluent Blogger. What are the three key things that I believe my website brings to the table? Off the top of my head, I would say:

  1. Contains instructions in plain English for how to get an affiliate website up and running from scratch
  2. Provides information to help affiliate marketers increase conversions
  3. Helps people craft compelling content that readers find value in

Next, I personally like a resource box with a couple of links: one to the main page of the site, and one to the article or section that you recommend new visitors read first. In this case, I suggest Affiliate Website 101.

Lastly, consider the anchor text that you would like to use for your links. Although the obvious answer would be to use the name of your website, you might find that you can improve your search engine ranking for a certain keyword phrase by using it as your anchor text often. So, let’s say that I wanted to increase my ranking for the keyword phrases “start a new website” and “increase affiliate conversions.”

So, a resource box that I might write for The Affluent Blogger would look something like this:

Aiden Clinton is a professional webmaster who has earned his income online since the late 1990s. Clinton shares his knowledge with The Affluent Blogger, a resource that provides the knowledge webmasters need to increase affiliate conversions and earn money online.

Just getting started? Read Affiliate Website 101, a step-by-step guide that even beginners can use to start a new website from scratch and begin earning money immediately.

The next time you submit content for article marketing, think about how you could apply these concepts to your own website. I think you will find that a finely honed resource box translates into more clicks, more visitors, and more sales.

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