Earning Money Online Before Your Websites Pay

Earning Money Online Before Your Websites Pay

As you have probably seen from my other posts on The Affluent Blogger, my opinion is that the best way to build a sustainable income online by operating websites is to do so by building up a portfolio of great content that people want to read. Even then, earning money from your blog or website is going to take time. You may be an incredibly prolific writer who can publish several great articles every day, but building an audience and earning money from your content can take time.

So, in the Working Online section of The Affluent Blogger, I will discuss companies that hire independent contractors for online work opportunities. Most of the opportunities that I describe here will be writing opportunities, but don’t get nervous — most of the online work that I will discuss here will be work that almost anyone can do. I will only discuss companies that I have actually done work for and received money from, and that I know are not scams.

The first question that anyone new to working online is going to have, of course, is “How much money can you earn?” In my experience, you can earn the equivalent of a full time income working online if you are willing to work hard and not spend a lot of time away from the computer. If you already have a day job, though, I don’t suggest that you leave it. It can also be difficult to begin earning a full time living right off the bat if you do not have previous professional experience.

However, I understand that remaining at the day job is not an option for everyone. You might be looking for work online because you are laid off, taking care of a child or loved one, or because your primary job does not pay the bills on its own. This section of The Affluent Blogger will help you earn supplemental income by working online until your blog or website begins to make money.

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