Write for Constant Content to Earn Money Online

Write for Constant Content to Earn Money Online

Constant Content is a website that connects authors with customers who want to buy outsourced content. Although much of the content sold at Constant Content is written for the Web, you can also find work there if you are interested in writing anything else, including manuals, press releases, and even books.

With Constant Content, the best part about being an author is the fact that you can write about whatever you want. Unless you opt to accept public or private requests for content, you simply write about anything you like, set a price, and upload your work.

When you upload an article, you can set up to three prices for the three different licenses that Constant Content offers: Usage, Unique, and Full. Here’s how they work:

Usage Rights: The buyer purchases the right to use your article, but the article remains available for other customers to purchase as well. Because the customer is not purchasing exclusive rights for the article, this is generally the least expensive license that Constant Content authors offer. However, offering usage rights creates the possibility of passive income through selling the same article multiple times.

Unique Rights: A Unique license may only be sold for an article once. With this type of license, the customer may not modify your original work and cannot say that they wrote it.

Full Rights: When a customer purchases a Full Rights license through Constant Content, they can modify the work as they wish, and can say that they wrote it. You sell all rights to the content. As you might expect, Full Rights licenses are generally the most expensive to purchase from Constant Content, and can earn you the most money.

So, how much money are we talking, exactly? A prolific author with a knack for research can make a great deal of money through Constant Content indeed. I have submitted 15 articles to Constant Content as a writer, and have made a total of 18 sales, which means that I have sold usage rights for several articles more than once. I have sold Full Rights licenses for as much as $45, and Usage licenses for as little as $7. In my experience, you can write about just about anything, though, and someone out there will want to buy it. You can even write under a pen name if you do not want your writing for Constant Content to interfere with your other ventures.

I have never written for Constant Content full time, but you can imagine based on my numbers that a dedicated author could do really well by selling articles there. Constant Content allows authors to see all recent sales, and I have seen some articles sell for over $200. The top-selling author on Constant Content has sold over 2,800 Full Rights licenses for as much as $80 each. Run the numbers on that, and it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Write whatever I want, upload it, and get paid? It’s that easy? Sort of. Constant Content is able to command very high prices from its customers, and the primary reason for this is the fact that they only accept content that is properly formatted, professionally written, and free of spelling and grammar errors. You are your own editor when you write for Constant Content. If you submit a piece with a typo, it will be rejected and it will be up to you to find and correct the error before resubmitting. So, you really need to have a good handle on how to write high-quality content for the Web.

Also, Constant Content does not buy the work from you — customers do. Sometimes, an article will sell within a few days of being posted. Other times, it could be a few months. This means that, to receive a steady and reliable income, you need to devote some time to building up a library of content. If you are willing and able to do that, Constant Content is an excellent way to make money online.

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